The real cost of drugs

November 18, 2015

Housing & Residence Life, security discuss drug violations, consequences for students caught with drugs on campus   Cheney Mason/Winonan There is one issue on college campuses that seems to plague residence halls, and this sometimes minor issue has a presence at Winona State University. Although students at Winona State are told there are no exceptions to illegal substances such as drugs on campus, there are still cases of students breaking the rules. Consequences with drug use can be harmful to not only a student’s well being, but it

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Residence Life awarded for anti-cyberbullying campaign

November 18, 2015

Zach Bailey/Winonan Winona State University’s Residence Life was awarded this past week with “Program of the Year” by the Midwest Affiliation of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) under the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). Alyssa Stehr, a nursing student at Winona State, first became interested in NRHH last year after joining hall council. Stehr initially applied because of community service and leadership roles, but Stehr explained how she ended up gaining much more. After being inducted last spring, Stehr became the

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Letter: End of an era

November 18, 2015
A Winonan editing staff group selfie on the last night of editing the fall 2015 edition.

If you or someone you know ever got emails that looked like this:


My name is Jordan Gerard and I am a reporter for the Winonan, WSU’s campus newspaper. We heard about (insert event/issue here) and would like to do a story about it. If I could get an interview with you, that would be great. My availability is (insert crazy hours of free time). If none of these times work for you, let me know and we can find another way to interview. Please let me know soon.

Thank you,

Jordan Gerard

Winonan Reporter”

You won’t see it anymore after this semester because I’ll be walking the graduation stage on Dec. 11.

So this is it. I’m writing my goodbye letter for the last issue of the Winonan of my college career. My emotional state is halfway between jumping for joy and crying my eyes out.

It’s been a good time these past three years, covering a plethora of stories from student profiles to the hiring and firing of university administration to pedestrian safety.

This job was amazing to begin with. The help I received in my first year here made me a better writer for the second and third years. I encourage any journalism student to write for the Winonan. I learned a majority of my skills here and will use them very soon with a full-time reporting job, wherever it may be.

The days of running around tracking down sources at Winona State is over. The topics have been covered, the people have been interviewed, their voices heard, the papers have gone to print and the journalist is satisfied.

First of all, thank you to the journalism department faculty for being the wonderful professors you are and teaching journalism. I wouldn’t be where I am today without a great faculty teaching the art and science of journalism.

Second, thank you to all the students who I interviewed over the years. I know you all have busy schedules and took time out of your day to share with me your story, be it an event or issue. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten any of my stories written.

Third, thank you to the professors and faculty around the university who I interviewed about various projects or badgered constantly, wanting answers to an issue. I probably badgered you a lot, but finally, you gave in and granted me an interview.

And last but not least, thank you to my awesome editing team at the Winonan. I will forever remember late nights, discovering the colony of ants

in our office, overheard conversations from the hallway, sneaky Snapchat shenanigans, baked goodies fromyours truly (you’re welcome), and sharing frustrations over classes and stories. I wish all of you luck for the Winonan’s future years.

By Jordan Gerard

Letter: End of an era

In the peanut gallery…

November 18, 2015

Each week sports reporters Matthew Lambert and Sam Thiel will face off on a hot topic in sports. The world of sports is changing quickly and constantly, but we want to slow it down and take a better look at the juiciest gossip, scandal, rumor or issue that is making headlines this week. Lambert and Thiel will take different sides and battle it out, telling you why you they are right.

This week’s topic: College Basketball Preview

College basketball season is officially underway, with hundreds of Division I programs starting the long journey with hopes of making an appearance in the NCAA Tournament. This week, Matthew Lambert and Sam Thiel voice their opinions about which team will cut down the nets in April. Let’s talk about it… (Recap by Sam Thiel)

Matthew Lambert/Winonan

Choosing who will win the NCAA Men’s basketball championship is a crapshoot. You have your usual suspects who will always be threats (i.e. Duke, Kentucky). You have teams that always are overrated and fail to live up to the hype (i.e. UNC and Kansas). Finally you have the surprise, consistent team that becomes a serious threat to the title. Is there a more consistent team in college than Virginia? No way.

The Cavaliers are returning six key contributors from their previous 30-4 season in 2014, what’s more surprising is that they are all upperclassmen, something we don’t usually see in college basketball. Personally, I trust upperclassmen players, who have had success at the college level more than first-year players with no playing time.

Another point is the defensive efficiency the Cavaliers displayed last season. They were the top team in the nation in scoring defense, allowing only 51.4 point per game. They were third in the nation in turnovers, averaging 9.3. Combine their outstanding defense and their efficiency, the Cavaliers are a dangerous team.

Yes, they lost Justin Anderson, the best player on their team to the NBA, but the Cavaliers can rebound from his departure. Anderson may have been the best player, but he ranked fifth on the team in minutes played with 724 minutes. Three of those five players are back on the team.

My final point revolves around their schedule. They currently rank sixth, which is a favorable spot, and have a fairly difficult schedule. It won’t be a cakewalk for the Cavaliers, but when it comes to rankings, the voters like it when teams have played against tough teams. They play at home against Notre Dame, California, Villanova, UNC. They will probably lose against Duke but one loss isn’t bad. Ask Kentucky, they’ll say they would’ve rather lost earlier than in the Final Four.


Sam Thiel/Winonan

As the old sports saying goes, “Defense wins championships.”

But in the case of the Duke Blue Devils, “Leadership wins championships.”

Last season the Blue Devils raced to a 35-4 record and made its 20th consecutive appearance in the NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball Tournament. After being ousted in the Round of 64 in 2014 in an upset to Mercer University, Duke earned its fifth National Championship in the Mike Krzyzewski era, leading to my first point why the Blue Devils will repeat as National Champs in 2016.

Mike Krzyzewski, also known as Coach K to those in the sports world, is the clipboard-wielding head coach of Duke and is considered to be one of the greatest coaches in basketball history. In over 35 years as coach of Duke, Krzyzewski has steered the Blue Devils to five NCAA Championships, 12 Final Four appearances, 12 ACC titles and 13 ACC Tournament titles. To add to all of that, he has served as the U.S. men’s national basketball team and coached them to a pair of gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Krzyzewski’s resumé is just as crazy as people trying to spell his last name.

Another reason why the Blue Devils will repeat as National Champions is their roster depth. Yes, they lost stars like Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow and Jahlil Okafor to the NBA draft, but like any winning basketball program, they are able to replace players with new talent. Duke brings in seven first-year players this year and will be led by sophomore Grayson Allen, who will be the primer point guard.

Finally, Duke will win because they have the loudest fans in college basketball. Cameron Indoor Stadium is sold out each night and they aren’t called “Cameron Crazies” for a reason.

Talent might win games, but leadership wins championships.

The Latest News

November 18, 2015

Elizabeth Pulanco/Winonan As a part of the 12th annual High School Honor Band Jazz Festival, Winona State University students and high school students from around the Midwest learned about the influence of African and Cuban culture on jazz. Over the course of the festival on Friday and Saturday at Winona State, students learned from professionals […]

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November 18, 2015

Gina Scott/Winonan To wrap up the fall semester, the department of theatre & dance at Winona State University will present “A Tuna Christmas,” written by Jason Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard. “A Tuna Christmas” is a comedic play following the town of Tuna, Texas and the shenanigans that surround their annual christmas yard display […]

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November 18, 2015

Kalika Valentine-Erikson You roll out of bed, maybe shower—maybe not, throw on some clothes and run to class. This can take five minutes, tops. But what if you were responsible to get somebody else ready in the morning? This somebody needs help getting dressed, eating breakfast and getting to daycare. Among all that, you still […]

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November 18, 2015

Kaysey Price/Winonan With finals week approaching, local coffee shops may soon be bustling with more activity, as college students try to get their caffeine fix before heading to the library or meeting with friends in the Smaug to study. Now, students can enjoy the winter drink specials several coffee shops in Winona are beginning to […]

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