Loose Change exhibit showcases senior student artistic talents

March 25, 2015

Ana Alexander/ Winonan On March 18, nine seniors gathered in the Science Laboratory Center to speak about their pieces for their final exhibit in Watkins Gallery before they graduate, “Loose Change.” Each student discussed their piece, what inspired them to create it and their artistic process. Two students collaborated on their piece. Jose Dominguez and Sibat Tazwar used their friendship and inclination to artistically work together to join forces and create “Café Flamingo,” an interactive piece where gallery attendees had the opportunity

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CeCe McDonald visits Winona State

March 25, 2015

Victoria McKenzie/ Winonan Imagine you’re walking along the street of Minneapolis with your friends, having some laughs and minding your own business.  Suddenly, groups of people throw drinks in your face and start attacking you.  You defend yourself, but when the police show up to stop the fight, you, the victim, is the one immediately assumed to be the cause of the incidence. CeCe McDonald told this exact story of her attack in 2010 on Tuesday, March 17 in the Harriet Johnson Auditorium of Somsen Hall of Winona State University. Still donning

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Ask Elizabeth

March 25, 2015

You have questions. We have answers.

Dear Elizabeth,

I have been incredibly homesick recently. Luckily I have been able to drive home during the weekends, but I feel like this has been preventing me from having a true college experience. Family is very important, to me so is there a way to properly distance myself?

Sincerely, Homesick

College is about independence and leaving the comfort of your childhood home, but there is nothing wrong with being homesick. Where we grow up is intertwined with the people we become, and it makes sense to miss it every once in a while. If you feel like your commuting has prevented your immersion into the college lifestyle then it may be time to set some boundaries.

If this has become a part of your weekly routine, then I would try to slowly spread out the visits, so you do not feel as much temptation to go back every weekend. There are also plenty of other ways to keep the connection between family members.

The telephone is great thing to use when you just want to check in with everybody. You could even trade in one of your trips home for a nice long talk on the phone with a parent or a sibling. You may not have the same face-to-face contact, but it still helpful to hear someone’s voice.

Skype, or any other video calling system, is also really helpful for keeping in touch, especially if you miss the face-to-face communication that is not available when talking on the phone. You will still be able to talk to someone and see them, and it can help you save some gas money.

Even though it may take a longer time, sending letters is also a nice way to talk to someone.  For some people it is easier to communicate things with writing, and it is always fun to get things in the mail.

If your parents have been pushing this traveling schedule, then it may be time to have a talk. Leaving for college is not only hard to adjust for students, but it is also hard on the parents. It is especially harder for parents when the first or last child goes off to college.  As the youngest child in my family, I know my parents had a particularily hard time watching me go off to college. You need to let your parents know these trips might be hurting your college experience.  Even if your parents have had a hard time adjusting to your departure they will understand.

In the end, it is all up to you. You mentioned that family is important, so it is a good idea to not completely cut them off.  You will eventually figure out the best way to keep in touch with your family.

I can tell you have realized that these college experiences are important to you. Trust me when I say you will find the perfect balance between family and college.

Tennis returns to NSIC play after spring break

March 25, 2015

Dillon Hogan/ Winonan

Over the course of spring break the Winona State University women’s tennis team headed to Florida to take on a diverse slate of opponents. The Warriors traveled to Florida to play four games over the course of three days.

Beginning on Sunday, March 8 in Orlando, Fla. and concluding two days later in Kissimmee, Fla. the Warrior tennis team won one matchup and lost the other three.

The first match against Seton Hill resulted in a loss for Winona State, 8-1.

The top spot in the number one singles match saw Brianna Havelka facing Isidora Knezevic. A 6-0, 6-3 score gave Knezevic the win over Havelka. In the second singles spot Sara Ruiz took down Justine Daane by scores of 6-3 and 6-1. Megan Hudak defeated Katie Scruggs 6-2 and 6-0 in the third singles spot to give Seton Hill a 3-0 advantage in the singles section.

The fourth spot saw Paula Carvajalino defeat Ellyn Grossen, 6-3 and 6-3. The fifth singles match was where the Warriors secured their only victory of the day when Lauren Willkom won against Chelsea Pence 6-3 and 6-3.

The sixth singles match was not played and was a Seton Hill win by default. The first doubles matchup had Warriors Justine Daane and Brianna Havelka pairing off against Isidora Knezevic and Sara Ruiz of Seton Hill.

Daane and Havelka were taken down by Knezevic and Ruiz by a score of 8-5 to give Seton Hill the early match lead.

The next doubles matchup had Warriors Katie Scruggs and Ellyn Grossen taking on Megan Hudak and Paula Carvajalino.

Not as close as the first doubles matchup, this pairing saw Seton Hill take the match 8-1 to secure the doubles portion of the match. A potential third matchup in the doubles was given to Seton Hill by default.

The next day the Warriors played two more opponents in Kissimmee, Fla., the Warriors faced Kentucky Wesleyan College and McMurry University.

Against Kentucky Wesleyan the Warriors earned their only match victory of the trip, 7-0. Both of the Warrior’s doubles teams won their matchups with 8-1 scores.

The team of Daane and Havelka in the number one spot beat Danielle Handler and Krislyn Hudson of Wesleyan, with Scruggs and Willkom in the second spot taking down Haley Kauffman and Kaite Laughlin.

All five singles matches went in the favor of the Warriors against the Panthers. Havelka, Justine Dean, Scruggs, Grossen and Willkom all came away with victories.

Against McMurry University the Warriors were unable to achieve the same amount of success. Falling by a score of 9-0 to the War Hawks, Winona State was not able to win a set. The Warriors lost all six of their singles matches and all three of their doubles matches.

The conclusion to the Florida trip saw the Warriors drop another match, this time against Haverford College.

The Warriors suffered a loss 8-1 in the match against Haverford. Similar to the match against McMurry, all six of the Warrior attempts in singles resulted in losses for Winona State.

The lone win for the Warriors came courtesy of the doubles team of Havelka and Daane who took the 8-3 win at the number one doubles spot. Havelka and Daane took the victory over Caitlin Gallagher and Robyn Himelstein.

Winona State returned with a season record of 6-5 as it resumed NSIC competition at home on Friday against Upper Iowa University.

The Warriors fell to the Peacocks by the same score as their final match in Florida, 8-1.  Scruggs was the only Warrior to secure a win, after coming back from a loss in the first set 6-0. She posted a win in the second set 7-5 and came out on top in the third set tiebreaker 11-9.

Winona State, now posting an even season overall 6-6, will continue home play Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m. against University of Sioux Falls and Augustana College respectively.

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March 25, 2015

Kalika Valentine-Erickson/ Winonan Blue Heron is a familiar place for me. I go there often and enjoy it every single time. This week, I visited Blue Heron twice, once for breakfast with a friend and once for lunch with my family. When my friend, Olivia Stoltman, a CALT major at Winona State University, and I […]

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March 25, 2015

Michaela Handke/ Winonan Adam Kazilsky found his passion when he was 15-years-old after he completed a bike ride around the entirety of Lake Michigan. He loved it so much he did it another three times in the past five years. That one bike ride was only the start of Kazilsky’s biking endeavors. After he perfected […]

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March 4, 2015

Samantha Beck/ Winonan There are a ton of ideas for easy and cheap snacks that are also healthy for college kids. For college students, it’s easy to grab a bag of baby carrots and a container of hummus for five dollars or a bag of apples for a similar price. Though delicious, these snacks may […]

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March 4, 2015

Jordan Gerard/ Winonan A Minnesota representative is proposing lowering the drinking age to 18, so what does this mean for a dry campus like Winona State University? Representative Phyllis Kahn of Minneapolis introduced two different bills One would allow 18-year-olds to legally drink in a restaurant or bar, and another bill would let 18-year-olds drink if […]

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