Einstein Bros. Bagels coming to Krueger Library

April 27, 2016

Zach Bailey / Winonan Next fall a new addition will be coming to the Darrel W. Krueger library: Einstein Bros. Bagels. The project, which has been in talks for around three years, will begin construction this June after the remodel of the Jack Kane Dining Center is finished. Einstein, Bros. Bagels partnered with Caribou Coffee, will be working with Chartwells to make this addition happen. A microwave will also be added to the library. The project went through four committees within Winona State University’s Student Senate and was immediately intercepted

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Winona State’s campus pharmacy to close

April 27, 2016

Sara Tiradossi / Winonan Student Senator Nicole Zimmerman, said there is no other option for the Winona State University Parkview Pharmacy, which will officially close in May. Director of health and wellness services Connie Kamara said the pharmacy will officially close May 20. “The university loses roughly $ 50,000 every year, and the way it has been, currently, Winona State covered 40 percent of the losses from the pharmacy and Winona Health

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Warrior baseball drops Thursday games, claims 21-9 win during weekend matchups

April 27, 2016
Winona State senior Mitch Voter attempts to get an out on first base during a game against Augustana on Thursday, April 21 at Loughrey Field in Winona. (Photo by Jacob Striker)

Spencer Ellingson / Winonan

Winona State University’s baseball team had a full, and for the most part, victorious week, winning three games, tying one and losing two.

The Warriors started out the week with a doubleheader on Thursday at Loughrey Field in Winona against the Augustana University Vikings.

Although the Warriors left Thursday evening empty handed, head coach Kyle Poock was still optimistic.

“We lost, which is never a good thing,” Poock said. “But they were close games and Augustana is the best in our conference, so there was a positive to it.”

The Warriors started off by dropping the first game 6-3.The Vikings scored a combined five runs in the sixth and seventh innings to break out of a tied game.

“We, again, had errors late in the game,” senior Tyler Nehring said. “That’s what we cannot do.”

First-year Brett Herber was handed the loss. He pitched five innings allowing three runs on six hits. Sophomore Joe Kubera gave up three runs on three hits in the first and a third innings.

The Warriors attempted a late-game comeback when they scored two runs in the seventh before giving up the last two outs to end the game.

The Warriors hit three doubles on nine hits, but were unable to get a triple or home run for the fourth time in 21 conference games.

The Warriors came up short in their 12-11 loss in the second game of the doubleheader.

After a four-run first inning for the Warriors, the Vikings answered with five runs in the second, taking away the Warriors’ only lead of the game.

Junior Hunter Kruse was given his second loss of the season after allowing the game-winning run in the top of the seventh.

Nehring and sophomore Taylor Field both hit a home run over the right field wall.

Senior Mitch Voter hit a two out double to score sophomore Paul Mutch in the ninth inning, putting the Warriors within one point of the Vikings. Voter, who had the potential to score the game-tying run, then was stranded at second as Nehring hit directly to center field. The Warriors were left one run shy of forcing extra innings.

Moving into the weekend, the Warriors won three games and tied one against the University of Sioux Falls Cougars.

The Warriors managed 17 hits in their 14-10 extra innings victory during game one of Saturday’s doubleheader.

The tenth inning saw the warriors cross the plate five times after four shutout innings.

Sophomores Taylor Field and Kipp Youngquist both hit home runs; Youngquist’s was a three-run home run in the top of the tenth to seal the game.

The Warriors went through six pitchers in the game.

Senior Jay Voter was given the start, however, only lasted three and two thirds innings.

Voter was given the save and first-year Jacob Watzka was awarded his first win of the season.

“The pitching wasn’t great all weekend,” Poock said. “Neither was the fielding partly because of the rough conditions and partly because of dumb errors. If we want to win down the stretch this can’t happen. Luckily we had the hitting we needed.”

The Warriors achieved a 8-6 win in game two on Saturday.

Winona State University sophomore Joe Kubera dives for second on a steal during a game Thursday, April 21 against Augustana University at Loughrey Field in Winona. (Photo by Jacob Striker)

Although he gave up five runs in four innings, junior Daniel Karlin-Kamin received his second win in seven attempts this season.

Mitch Voter was granted the save since he sent all three batters he faced back to the dugout in the bottom of the seventh.

Nehring had the highlight hit of the game with a two-run triple in the top of the third. Mitch Voter hit four home runs on Sunday.

The Warriors crossed home plate 21 times in seven innings during their 21-9 victory in game one on Sunday.

Voter hit three home runs in his five plate appearances.

Voter, Nehring and Field all had two hits in the Warriors nine-run fourth inning.

Sophomore Mitchell Stalsberg was awarded the win after pitching five innings and only gave up eleven hits.

The Warriors finished the game with seven extra base hits and had 26 total hits.

“From top to bottom [of the lineup] everyone was hitting,” Nehring said. “We pieced together a dominant and very important win as the season nears the end.”

The second game only went six innings due to a thunderstorm.

The Warriors had to settle for a 7-7 final, which Poock called an unusual game.

“A tie game is a rare thing in baseball,” Poock said. “It doesn’t necessarily hurt us but a win would have been a lot better in such tight standings.

Junior Parker Holmstrom allowed only two batters to reach base on one hit in the two innings he pitched.

Mitch Voter hit his 13th home run of the season, his fourth of the day, and now leads the Warriors in most home runs this season.

“It’s a feeling you can’t explain,” Voter said. “But the pitches kept coming in high and the wind was blowing out; its hard to have a better day than that.”

Living History Project: my experience

April 27, 2016

By Matthew Lambert

Since January 11th, I’ve been working on a project.

Well, I should start by saying that WE have been working on a project.

This project has been the most overwhelming, stressful, and angriest I’ve ever gotten over schoolwork. I try my best to stay levelheaded, not to stress about the small stuff. I’ve even considered getting a tattoo that says “don’t make mountains out of mole hills” (OK, not really, but you get the point).

Though I’ve had all of these different issues and angst over this project, I can’t help feel like this is the most important assignment I’ve ever done.

Oh, the class I’m taking is Topics in Mass Communication: Living History taught by Dr. Tom Grier.

In the class, each group is assigned to a Winona State alumnus, someone who had a lasting impact on the school during their time being employed by the college and even into their retirement.

The class is partnered with the good people of the Winona State Alumni Center, Dr. Jim Reynolds and Jessica Kauphsuman who found the four lucky participants in the project, including all of the supporting interviews.

I say lucky, because, frankly, they are lucky. They’re having their life commemorated and remembered. But while they’re lucky, they’re even more deserving.

The deserving alumni are: Bob Keister, a former coach of football, track, basketball, and wrestling, Dr. Emilio DeGrazia, an English professor, Dr. George Bolon, a professor of Physics, and Vivian Fusillo, a professor of Theatre and Dance.

Each story is unique, with areas that’ll make you laugh, some that will make you feel like you’ve known them your entire life, and areas that’ll make you wish you could’ve been their student.

For me, I know what emotion I’ll have on display, but will try my best to hide: tears.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the Bob Keister group. As an avid sports fan, I was excited at the opportunity to learn about Winona State during Bob’s tenure from the 60’s to the 90’s.

It’s been incredible and my group has taught me things I couldn’t have dreamed of. I’d like to thank those people: Jennie Hanson, Jacob Hilsabeck, Sam Nieman, Tori Norris, and Phil Pronschinske. At times I’ve hated you, but more often than not, you’ve all been great.

As well as, Dr. Grier, who’s been tough, resourceful, and flexible throughout this semesters long process of trying to capture someone’s life.

More than anything though, as I speak for my entire group and the other 17 people taking the class, thank you to the alumni that allowed us into your homes and invade your privacy to try and do justice with your life.

I offer an invitation to all, on May 5th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. we will be showing the films with all of the alumni and their family in attendance in Somsen Auditorium.

Please come, see what we’ve been working on for months, and enjoy.

For me, I won’t be watching my film. No, instead I’ll be watching Bob. I want to watch the emotions go over his face when he sees his old players Bernard “Bernie” Kennedy and Larry Holstad talk about how they had to work their butt off for him, but love him immensely.

The biggest challenge I see going forward, except for wrapping up final editing on the film, is making sure I don’t cry.

But no promises.

The Latest News

April 27, 2016

Elizabeth Pulanco / Winonan Money is everywhere. Having the knowledge of how to save and spend money wisely is important for all people, especially college students making their way into the professional world. Winona State University’s College of Business and the Darrell W. Krueger Library have partnered up for “Money Smart Week,” a national event […]

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April 27, 2016

Nathaniel Nelson / Winonan Mary Sullivan, 20, of Milwaukee was found dead in Sheehan Hall on Saturday, April 16. As the effects of her passing rippled across campus, Winona State University students gathered Wednesday to remember and celebrate her life. Sullivan was a RA for Sheehan Hall’s 11th floor, and was known for her joy, […]

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April 27, 2016

Nathaniel Nelson / Winonan When “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” premiered last year, it kickstarted Netflix’s original programs with style. Written and produced by the same people behind “30 Rock,” a stellar cast, a great concept, genius theme song and one of the most progressive directions seen on TV. It was witty, ridiculous, heartwarming and joyous […]

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April 27, 2016

Dana Scott / Winonan When senior Emma VanVactor-Lee walks at the graduation ceremony in May, it will not be her first time on a stage at Winona State University. In her three years at Winona State she has been heavily involved in the theatre department. VanVactor-Lee has been in four theatre productions at Winona State, […]

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